Room Rental Information


Available from:

MON - FRI (10AM - 7:30PM)

SAT (9:30AM - 1:00PM)



| Room Rental Price






$8/HOUR ($80)

$6/HOUR ($120)

$12/HOUR ($120)



$10/HOUR ($200)

*Expiration date: 10 hour pack / 2month, 20hour pack / 4month from date of purchase

| Printing Price - Optional









*Double-sided printing will cost twice the price

| Application

Please apply through this online form

| Contact

WhatsApp: 8781 0351


Room Rental

Terms and Conditions

| Amenities included

- WiFi
- Water Dispenser (*1)
- Whiteboard (*2)
- Markers
- Scanner (*3)

*1. The water dispenser is located in Room #03-01. Please help yourselves to the cold and hot water. Kindly approach our receptionists if you need a paper cup. They will pass you one upon request. You may also use your own water bottles or mugs.

*2. You may use the whiteboard freely. Please keep the whiteboards clean when you leave.

*3. The scanner is beside the reception. You can scan your documents and send them to your emails in PDF format. Feel free to ask our staff for help on how to use the scanner.

| Application

- Please apply through the form below.

- Choose from normal rental (1 hour each time), 10 hours package and 20 hours package.
* For normal rental, you are required to book a minimum of 1 hour time slots for the first time. For subsequent bookings, you can book 30 minutes time slots.

- The expiration date for the packages would be 2 months from the first date of use for 10 hours package and 4 months from the first date of use for 20 hours package.
- Only one representative is required to apply even in cases where multiple people are using a room.

| Payment methods

- Cash, NETS, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Paynow are accepted
- Credit cards are not accepted
- Payment in Advance: Please pay before the first date of use.

| Points to note when making


- For 10 hours package or 20 hours package users, please send the date and time, size of the room and other requests to Smile Asia’s Whatsapp.
- Smile Asia might not be able to attend to last-minute reservations, extensions of hours or changes of booking. Please let us know in advance.
- Smile Asia might not be able to ask for your room preference
- The representative’s consent is necessary if the room would be used without
the presence of him/her.

| Points to note when

using the room

- Please notify our receptionist at #03-01 when you arrive even if you have already made a reservation.
- You do not have to notify the receptionists when you leave the room at the allocated time.
- If you exceed the time by more than 5 minutes, we would notify you. If you are unable to leave immediately, you might incur additional charges.
- You are allowed to bring in and have your food and drinks in the rooms but please ensure the cleanliness of the room at all times (e.g. tables and floors).
- Smile Asia is an English School and we prioritise our students’ lessons. There are times where there is no available room for rental.
- Smile Asia would not refund any transactions after payment.
- Smile Asia would not allow any changes to the plan after payment.
- Smile Asia reserves the rights to ask users to leave the room should there be
situations where it disturbs and affects our schools’ operations and lessons. In such cases, there would be no refunds.
- Please take care of your own personal belongings. You are responsible for your belongings at all times. Under no circumstances would Smile Asia be liable for any damages such as loss or theft.
- Smile Asia is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our users. We would not provide Personal Information to third parties, except for requests from government entities or public authorities (should such a situation occur).

*Please note that the contents of this agreement are subject to change without advance notice.

Last modified: 2021/04/09

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